About Us

    • Association "Paw in Heart" was established September 28, 2013 and works just like any non-profit organization thanks to donations from citizens, but also thanks to the efforts and cooperation of good people.

    • Since in the area of ​​Ogulin there is no association, no shelter, where abandoned animals could be removed from the outside world, which unfortunately has become hateful towards those who can not help themselves and those who depend on the human hand, stimulated by all of this, we decided as individuals to form an association and to stand up for our quadrupeds and protect them from angry hunters and people without heart and soul. Every day we find new victims of the human race, so we have residents at our address already and many are already in foster care.

    • We decided to say "Stop the violence" over these living beings, and we will fight against it, we will act in the whole of Karlovac County and beyond.

    • Therefore, we invite all to ACT

    • Become a volunteer, act in your environment.

    • Adopt a dog or cat, help find foster parents and spread the news about the animals who are looking for a new home, please help us by voluntary contributions or donations in material form, which are of great help: materials for the boxes, checkboxes, blankets, bowls, leashes, food, anti-parasite ....

    • The Association has no official asylum, but we keep our animals in private accommodation, with volunteers, in flats, houses, yards and private properties, but we will soon have our own shelter.

"He who wants to do something will find a way, and whoever does not want to do anything will find an excuse"