Our Story

Croatia has just a few no-kill dog shelters and they are all made thanks to the effort of animal lovers

and saviors, people just like Anica Pribanić - founder of the non-profit association/dog shelter

Šapa u srcu (lit. trans. "Paw in the heart") for which this campaign is made.

There are more people like her in my country, giving shelter in their own home, struggling with donations

in order to save as many dogs and cats as they can. Their story is both heartbreaking and inspirational,

because they barely manage to survive on donations but nevertheless they take in as many dogs as

they can, not knowing what tomorrow brings. Every day is a struggle, but also, every day they save

countless animals and find them a loving home. That is their greatest reward.

You can see Anica's story in the video attached to the campaign.

Video has English and Croatian subtitles.

More information how you can donate can be found using link for the campaign we started.

Government usually finances "kill animal shelters", commonly known as dog pounds where dogs are kept in

poor conditions, often neglected and frightened, many of them dying either ill without treatment or euthanized.

It's people like Anica Pribanić that make the difference for the better.

They've literally dedicated their lives to saving animals, they have no personal time and their struggle is

so time-consuming that they even can't allow themselves to get sick because there would be no one

else to care for the animals.

Anica makes a huge difference for these dogs. She is their chance to live, to find a happy home.

Sadly, only for those who are fortunate enough to get to her before the dog pound grabs them to

make profit.

She needs HELP desperately. By donating money you're helping with food supplies,

current medical bills, covering medical debt and providing crucial funds for neutering.

It will literally help the shelter to get back on its feet and continue to fight for the animals in need.

We would like to raise 5500 $ for:

    • 1500 $ for food supply (this amount covers approximately half to one month food supply)
    • 2000 $ for neutering (this amount covers approximately 20 sterilizations)
    • 2000 $ for covering medical debt and current medical treatment such as vaccinations, chipping
    • (marking the dogs), injuries and so on.

After the campaign is over and funds put into use, every dollar spent will be published on web page:


and facebook page :


In case we raise less money than asked, it will be spent on whatever is more urgent at the time

(food, medical bills or neutering).

If the requested amount is breached and more money is raised, all the extra money will be

invested in construction work on the shelter so that it can accept more dogs.

Currently, dogs are kept in two close locations because there isn't enough money to expand

the shelter around Anica's house (the rent for the second location is additional financial burden).

Anica is working hard to come up with the funds or the construction material to fix this problem.

If we were to be successful in raising the funds it would be a major boost for the shelter to get

back on its feet and continue rescuing abandoned dogs and cats.

We would be grateful for every donation, no matter the amount.

Everything helps.


Non - profit organization "Šapa u srcu" (lit. trans. Paw in the heart) is located in Skradnik, Croatia (Europe)

and founded by Anica Pribanić, a woman who dedicated her whole life to saving dogs and cats.

Anica, her family and a few volunteers built a shelter from scratch next to their house.

Primarily it's a dog shelter. Cats have their own place next to the house.

Dogs that get along are divided in packs, but every pack has a space of their own to walk freely.

Puppies, dogs and cats that are in need of treatment are situated inside the house.


In the past three years, over 200 dogs are happily adopted and there are over 60 dogs present in the shelter

at all times. One gets adopted, but new ones come in the same day or in the next few days.

Currently, some dogs had to be transferred to a nearby location because Anica hasn't got enough money

to do construction work to expand the shelter so it can hold all the dogs together.

There are efforts to do so in the near future.


As for the funding, to this day Anica and her husband give 30% of needed funds from their private budget

and 70% are raised from donations. Without donations the shelter would have to shut down.

But donations are not regular so there are times when food supplies are extremely low,

the organization is always in debt for provided medical care and always struggling with collecting

money for neutering, vaccinations and other needs.


Neutering is crucial because so many dogs are staying together freely in one place.

Integrating a new dog to the pack, making sure the packs are separated at all times and getting along

among themselves is tiresome enough without the additional worries of dogs in heat.

If all dogs were to be neutered, it would be much easier for Anica to socialize them and expand packs.

The shelter is surviving on donations and is always lacking something - either food supplies, either space

for new dogs, either money for medical care - and the money for sterilizations and castrations is the

hardest to come by.


Often, dogs and cats arrive in very bad shape, neglected or hurt by humans, but Anica fights for each one

of them, gives all she's got to revive them and find a loving home. She tries to give every dog attention

every day, but as you can imagine, that alone is a hard job for just one person considering there are always

over 60 dogs in her care.

Some of them sick, some are puppies without a mother that ask for special care, some need socialization

and every one of them need food, fresh water and clean space every day.

Anica is working hard all day long.

Without the help of good people, she would be forced to give up and close down the shelter.

She founded a non-profit association "Šapa u srcu" (lit. trans. "Paw in the heart") hoping to get finances from the City of Ogulin (it's in their jurisdiction), but unfortunately, to this day there's no understanding from the authorities for her struggle and no support what so ever.

If they were to finance anyone it would probably be a dog pound, because the law for animal protection in Croatia works in favor of dog pounds.

In other words, they are more likely to financially support dog killing shelters than people like Anica

and organizations that are not in this for profit, but who truly love animals and their only interest is

to save them.

That's why it's all the more important to support organizations like this one.

Thank you in advance for every donation you can give. :)

Every amount counts and if we join forces Anica's shelter will rise stonger and she will be able to continue

saving animals.

Thank you! :)